Akhir 2018 Pindad akan produksi 20 unit Medium Tank

Indonesian Defense General Director Sutrimo Sumarlan assessed the AA correspondent between Indonesia and Turkey on the talks with Defense Industry Undersecretary ─░smail Demir in the capital Jakarta on the development of a defense-related business alliance.

In addition to their bilateral relations, Sumarlan said Turkey saw Turkey as a close ally and a strategic partner, especially in the defense industry, and likewise Turkey saw Indonesia as a strategic partner.

During his visit, Sumarlan expressed his mutual interest in the field of defense and the developments achieved in this process, and shared his knowledge that the two countries have exchanged information and information about the products they developed in the field of defense industry.

Sumarlan stated that the prototype of the middleweight class tank "KAPLAN MT" developed jointly by Turkey and Indonesia also evaluated the progress report and noted that the prototype tank prototype produced at the end of the period and produced by Indonesia will be exhibited at the military parade of KAPLAN MT to be held next October.

Sumarlan also emphasized that Turkey is close to Indonesia in terms of fully understanding the medium-weight class tank production technology, adding that Turkey's proposals for business alliances include submarine design and technology, joint production and technology transfer.

Visiting Indonesia to develop a business alliance between Turkey and Indonesia in the field of defense industry, Demir came together with Indonesian Defense General Director Sumarlan.

The two countries have decided to partner with the state-owned Pindad in Indonesia for medium-sized tank production between FNSS Defense Systems in Turkey. Pindad, which will announce the prototype of the tanks in October, aims to produce 20 tanks by the end of 2018.

FNSS collaborated with Pindad on "KAPLAN MT" for the first time in the 13th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2017) in May.
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