Russia and Indonesia agreed on the contract for the supply of Su-35 fighters

The contract for the supply of Russian Su-35 fighters to Indonesia has been agreed upon, this year it is expected to be signed, Viktor Kladov, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy of Roshokh State Corporation, told journalists on Tuesday.

"Now it's not about the contract itself, the contract was approved, agreed by the parties, its technical side and the financial side of the contract, but in connection with the contract there are still others - there is an offset package - these are the technologies that are transferred together with the supply of machinery, service technology , Repair, "Kladov said after a press conference in Moscow.
At the same time Kladov refused to name the number of fighters that Indonesia is planned to deliver. According to him, within the framework of the contract, Russia undertakes obligations under Indonesian legislation to provide a bartender deal for the delivery of the Su-35.
"Indonesia has something to put, it's rubber, palm oil, and other goods," Kladov added.
Earlier, Indonesian portal, citing a representative of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, said that Russia is interested in bartering the exchange of the Sukhoi fighter plane for Indonesian natural rubber.

"They are interested in our rubber crumbs," the representative of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said and added that the government of the state has not yet made any decision on this deal.In turn, Indonesia is interested in the purchase of Sukhoi fighters. The cost of a barter transaction can be about $ 600 million.
The Indonesian Association of Rubber Companies supports this proposal and hopes that as a result of the transaction, the cost of Indonesian rubber will rise to $ 6 per kilogram (in the first quarter of 2017, the cost of one kilogram of rubber was $ 0.45).
The Su-35S is a multipurpose super maneuverable fighter of the "4 ++" generation with engines with controlled thrust vector. Su-35S aircraft were tested in combat conditions as part of the Russian air group in Syria. In December 2015, Sukhoi signed a new five-year contract to supply the Russian Defense Ministry with 50 Su-35S fighters. Earlier, Sukhoi Company successfully implemented the first contract of 2009 for the supply of the Russian Defense Ministry with 48 Su-35S fighters