Letkol Anjar "Beagle" legowo Meraih 3000 jam terbang dalam 200jam/thn

Call sign "Beagle"
3000hrs in fying F-16 for 15yrs.
Not bad, as it equates to 200hrs/yr on average.

The last 2000hrs were accumulated in 8yrs, equates to 250hrs/yr or about more than 1h/workday, discounting holiday. Impressive.

It seems that this TNI-AU F-16 pilot is very active, as hopefully itsFalcon fleet. 👍🏻

For comparison, the highest F-16 flying hours record is 6000hrs+ by USAF pilot "Brillo" was accumulated over 28yrs, averaging 214hr/yr.

So "Beagle" is still on par with the other Falcon drivers. Well done.