Birds reduce livestock Indonesian Su-30MK2

Posted 09.18.2013

in the right engine Su-30MK2 with serial number 87835 (side number Indonesian Air Force TS-3009) hit a bird. When replacing the engine 23/09/2013 krack was found on the weld force the frame №38. 09/10/2013 similar defect was found in a fighter plane with serial number 87936 (side number Indonesian Air Force TS-3010). Planes were removed from flights. 28.11.2013 in the right engine of the aircraft with serial number 87834 (side number Indonesian Air Force TS-3008) also hit the bird, the engine was repositioned on 87834 87936. Later aircraft with 8735 (TS-3009) and 8736 (TS-3010) were sent back at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant (KnAAZ) to replace the frames. After undocking airframe were found critical defects in design of aircraft. Planes are still in the factory.

Recently, it was an order to use some of the details with these cars on the newly built Su-30MK2. So perhaps they never will be restored.

On the part of bmpd we point out that we are talking about the Su-30MK2 among six units set in Indonesia under the last contract for these aircraft, the prisoner "Rosoboronexport" in December 2011. Indonesian media called the total value of the contract (including the supply of spare parts, spare engines and other technical property) of 470 million dollars. Six aircraft under this contract, built Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant named after Yuri Gagarin (KnAAZ, a subsidiary of JSC "Company" Sukhoi "), were delivered to Indonesia in pairs February 22, 2013 (serial numbers 87832 and 8733, respectively hull numbers Indonesian Air Force TS-3006 and TS-3007), 16 May 2013 (serial numbers 87,834 and 87,835, hull numbers TS-3008 and TS-3009), and September 4, 2013 (serial numbers 87836 and 87837, hull numbers TS-3010 and TS-3011). Thus, the fighter 8735 (TS-3009) operated in the Air Force Indonesia only about four months (total flight time was 83 hours) and 8736 (TS-3010) - generally a month (total flight time was 23 hours).

All of these aircraft in the Air Force are part of Indonesia based on the Sultan Hasanuddin airbase 11 Squadron of the 5th Wing. We point out that Indonesia was previously two Su-30MK in 2003 (hull numbers TS-3001 and TS-3002) and three Su-30MK2 - 2008-2009 (hull numbers TS-3003 - TS-3005), all of them also part of the 11th Squadron. In addition, 11 Squadron has two single-seat fighter Su-27SK (delivery in 2003) and three Su-27SKM (delivery in 2010).