MOU antara DCNS dan PT PAL mengenai kapal selam

Pada tanggal 29 Maret 2017, CEO DCNS Grup Prancis, Hervé Guillou dan Direktur PT PAL Indonesia, Firmansyah Arifin,  menandatangani Nota Kesepahaman (Memorandum of Understanding) mengenai kerjasama kapal selam.
Nota Kesepahaman tersebut menetapkan perpanjangan Memorandum of Understanding yang sudah ada (yang telah berakhir pada Desember 2016) mengenai kerjasama antara PT PAL dan DCNS terkait akuisisi kapal selam oleh Indonesia.
DCNS signs agreement with Indonesian group PT PAL
On the sidelines of François Hollande's visit to Indonesia, DCNS signed a memorandum of understanding with PT PAL to work on the future projects of the Indonesian Navy. In fact, the links between the two groups go back several years, DCNS and PT PAL collaborating to develop industrial cooperation around Scorpene that France proposes to Indonesia. Beyond the submarines, it is now a matter of expanding the partnership to surface vessels, be they corvettes or frigates. A segment where PT PAL recently worked with the Dutch manufacturer Damen to carry out the transfer of technology of two Indonesian frigates of type SIGMA 10514.
Fath its competitor, DCNS, which has the advantage of being not only a designer and a shipbuilder, but also a world leader in combat systems, is committed to establishing long-term partnerships with Indonesian industry to improve local capacities and skills on high-tech systems. "Our cooperation with the biggest PT PAL shipyard in Indonesia is a perfect example of this ambition and we look forward to bringing our strong expertise in technology transfer on complex naval programs to develop industrial projects and the operational capability of "Said Hervé Guillou, president of DCNS.